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Breaking Needles

Breaking NeedlesThe most common cause of a sewing machine breaking needles is pulling on the fabric as the machine is sewing.  Never pull on the fabric.  Let the sewing machine feed the fabric for you.

If your sewing machine is out of time it will break needles.  You can check this by following the steps listed below.

  1. Place a new needle in the sewing machine, but do not thread it.
  2. Tilt the machine back and remove the outer race of the shuttle (the part that holds the shuttle in the  machine).
  3. With the shuttle in the machine, slowly turn the hand wheel in operating direction until the needle is at its lowest point.
  4. Continue to turn the hand wheel until the needle has risen approx. 1/8".  At this point the tip of the shuttle should be behind the needle, entering the scarf of the needle just above the eye of the needle.

If your sewing machine is out of time, take it to the repair shop to have it repaired.  Timing procedures vary from model to model and is beyond the scope of these lessons.

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