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If Your Sewing Machine Skips Stitches

Skipped stitches occur when the shuttle point fails to catch the needle loop.  The most common reason for skipped stitches is a bent or burred needle.  So, once again, Change Your Needle!

Skipped stitch


If you are sewing thin or stretch fabric, the needle can push the fabric down into the needleplate hole as shown in the image on the left.  Skipped stitches

Once the needle has reached the bottom of its stroke, and starts its upward travel, the fabric travels up with the needle and a needle loop is not formed.  The hook point passes by the needle without picking up the needle thread and a skipped stitch is the result.  To repair this problem, always use a ball point needle when sewing stretch fabric and check the needle plate hole to make sure the hole is not too large.  If you are using a straight stitch, be sure to install the straight stitch needle plate and use the straight stitch presser foot.

Other Causes of Skipped Stitches

  • Not enough pressure on the presser foot.  Increase the presser foot tension by turning the adjusting screw clockwise.
  • Upper thread tension set too tight.  Turn the tension dial counter-clockwise to a lower number, but watch for looped stitches on the bottom of the fabric.
  • Too much travel in the upper tension check spring.  However, this seldom occurs.
  • Sewing machine is out of time.  Have a qualified sewing machine repairman set the hook timing for you.

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